Issaquah Triathlon Race Report (total “meh”…)

Issaquah marked the first real tri of the year, and I had a really, really fun time, but numerous mistakes and misfortunes made it a pure training exercise. Details below!

Pre-race: Up early at 4:30, dad wasn’t up until 5, we left by 5:30. I was dead tired, and forgot to get caffeine… mistake #1! Breakfast was substantial, and delicious. I dug it, and was in good spirits. Checked in, got body-marked, and saw that as an “elite”, I had a sick nasty bike rack right next to the entrance/exit. Randomly saw my friend Sam from law school, who just so happened to be doing a relay, having been roped into it the night before. Saw my friend Jack, who accidentally lined up for the duathlon at the Women’s 40-44 rack, and was getting no end to trash talk from me, my father, and the ladies there. Quickly wet-suited up, and just made the mandatory meeting. Did a few hundred yards warmup.

400m Swim: 6:04:  This was decent; the elite swim was super aggressive off the start, and I felt like I got punched in the face. It was over really, really quickly, and I think I was in the top 10ish or so. A lot of people came up near where I was, and we began the long trek to T1.

T1: 2:54: Transition involved a super long run; I had a slight issue getting my wetsuit off, though I know where the mistake happened. I didn’t run quickly enough to my bike, and as a result of these stupid mistakes lost about a half minute on everyone around me. Got my bike, turned on the PowerTap, and booked out.

14.5 mile bike: ~39minutes: Jumped on the bike and almost immediately almost ran into a mountain bike that was going 13 miles an hour in the no-pass lanes that exist. Hit a major bump when shifting a gear, and my aerobars jammed forward dangerously; couldn’t get into aero safely, which effectively ended my race. Decided to push the bike, and averaged ~315 watts for the meat of the race, and was satisfied with that half hour of work. Coming into the turnaround I almost got killed by a recumbent bike that decided to try make a move on me and then decided to completely stop. Why recumbents are allowed is beyond me, but whatevs. Got stuck behind another mountain bike on the way in, and was just mentally out of it coming into T2.

T2: ~1 min.: Dismounted alright, having gotten my feet out, and got my shoes on alright, but forgot my race belt, only realizing as I was about to leave transition. After hesitating for way too long, I bolted out.

Run: ~20:52: A little embarassing; I was just not into it. My back hurt severely from sitting prone in the horns for the bike, and the first 2.5 miles were essentially tempo. I finally HTFU’ed in the last half mile and passed a couple people.

Verdict: Whole lot of meh. Had a great talking with friends (my friend Rebecca also raced, unbeknownst to me), and was super happy that my father finished strong. Race was fun, but I’ve been enjoying the week taking it easy, and will enjoy getting back to it!


~ by cdviking on June 10, 2011.

One Response to “Issaquah Triathlon Race Report (total “meh”…)”

  1. We all have good days and bad days, sorry about your back hurting! You still put in a good time though ;)! I wish I could have done this race too, it sounded fun, buuut… I must say.. going into a race tired… = HELL. It makes such a difference on performance.. seriously… Are you going to do any other triathlons this year beyond lake padden and seafair?

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