The Race that Wasn’t: Beat the Bridge DNS

Short and simple… hard week of training + lead legs + post-finals haze + rainy-ass Seattle weather = I’d rather sit on my ass and watch the Giro, Tour of California and blog muse for shits and giggles. The thought of running sub-6:00 miles wasn’t particularly appetizing, so instead did an hour at 7:35ish pace. Back to it next week!


~ by cdviking on May 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Race that Wasn’t: Beat the Bridge DNS”

  1. You should just forget all about finals, drop out of school, and just train full time. ;). Something that always helps me when the weather sucks is – “this is the time when you get ahead of others”. At the same time, knowing when to take it easy mentally and physically is WAY more beneficial than anything else.

  2. Hah, if only training full-time were acceptable… did that a couple of summers for rowing, and other than brain drain, had the time of my life.

    When the other sucks, I go indoors. 🙂 I may just have to spin easy outside today though. removing another spacer on my ‘bars means I don’t even know if I can flex my head far back enough…

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