Lesson #6: Progress – the payoff of consistency

The past three days have seen the biggest leaps forward in my training that I can ever recall seeing… it’s almost eerie how suddenly the impossible became the regular, and etc. The workouts have gone as is chronicled below:

Workout was short, but the absolute definition of quality. Hop in the pool, do 1200 warmup yards, and then the killer: 6x(50 SPRINT!, 6×25 easy on choice rest). Seems simple until you realize how fast SPRINT! (copied verbatim from my workout schedule, provided by MVA ) entails. Needless to say, I broke 25 from a flat start for the first time in my personal history. Sure, I still swam 3 27s (and 2 26s), but I’ll blame my utter inability to flipturn effectively.

The workout for the second day consisted of a 65 minute trainer ride, with “the work” being 18×1′ at somewhere between 2-minute power (412) and 5-minute power (390 watts), with a minute of easy spin in between each rep. This was only the second time I’d done 18 reps, and the first time, my hip locked up on number 17. That fact, and my late start time for the workout (9:30 PM after a LONG day), made me internally say “UGH”. However, after knocking out the warm-up with ease, and easily hitting 405 on the first 5 reps, I was excited. My numbers were so good that I manually zeroed out the Powertap twice because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The hip didn’t even twinge, despite my testing out a super aggressive (for me) aero position. Needless to say… super stoked!

All that leads me to today. One of my earlier posts detailed how I melted doing 100s at 1:15 sendoff recently; well today, I did 15×100 (on 10-15 seconds rest) on an average 1:11 pace. Sure I almost died, but whatever, I DID it.

I guess the takeaway point here is that consistency and adherence to a good training plan will lead to the desired results. Even though I’m doing less volume (~8-9 hours/week), I’m now getting more speed in a shorter time than I’ve ever experienced before. Other than the quality of the work, the biggest thing has been the CONSISTENCY with which I’ve done it. 4 (working on 5) months without a single workout missed due to injury is as long a streak as I’ve ever had, and has been a key to my progress.

Here’s to 4 (going on 5) MORE months of injury-free-ness and awesome results!


~ by cdviking on April 6, 2011.

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