Anatomy of an Indoor Triathlon: Seattle RainMan Triathlon (1st Race Podium!)

Very exciting early start to the multisport season. After two of the most difficult weeks of training I’ve had since starting up with MVA, I was a little nervous about how my body, and particularly my legs would deal with the Seattle RainMan Triathlon.

The event is an interesting one… it involves a 15 minute pool swim in Evans Pool at Greenlake (a place where I logged hundreds of thousands of yards in high school), an immediate transition into a 30 minute trainer ride (with “distance” logged on computer attached to the trainer), followed by another immediate transition into a run around Green Lake. I have not done any brick training nor a multisport event yet this year, so that had me a little nervous as well.

Pre-Race: Nothing too crazy. My wave started at 3 PM (AWESOME! I CAN SLEEP!), so I had a normal day, picked up my race packet at 12, went home and got my bike and gear, and got to the pool at about 2:15 in preparation. They brought us out  to get bodymarked and set up our transition bags 20 minutes prior to the wave start; did some stretching and downed some quick caffeine. Was able to hop in and swim 150 before the race started.

Swim: Chatted with a guy prior to the wave start who happened to be a former swimmer at a major D1 program who said he was going to aim for 1:15s, so I hopped in a lane with him, hoping to draft. Was able to do so for about 200, but when I saw my 200 split was a 2:20, I knew the pace was hot for me, and had to back off. Was feeling great going through 750 (500 split was ~6:17), but the pool was far hotter than I was used to, and I started getting pretty dizzy. Hit 1100 with 39 seconds left, and decided to go for one more 50, which I finished with 3 seconds left. My fast starting lane partner lapped me right as time expired, hitting 1200.

The “transition” was a bit of SNAFU for me; as soon as our 15 minutes in the pool ended, our 30 minute bike time commenced, and included the time it took us to march to the bikes. I was a little dizzy getting out of the water and was the last to the bikes, and quickly got my shoes and tri shorts on, and set up my water bottle.

I'm taking the one in the lane by himself.

Swim Total: 1150 yards in 15 minutes (1:18 pace): T6/282.

Bike: Despite my slow transition, I was still first on my bike. I still missed 1:30 of bike time which bummed me out. I went by my P-Tap as opposed to speed and power on the trainer computer, as that was markedly off and inconsistent. I forced myself to stay at 285W for the first 4 minutes, to allow my body to adjust to the switch in activity. This was a very good idea, as I felt terrible for 3 of those 4 minutes, and warmed up by the end. I let myself slowly ramp up, and ended up averaging 305W over the 28:30 or so I was on the bike for.

I certainly would have gone harder if I was in a more amenable environment, but this was on a pool deck, and I wanted to play it safe as not to cook myself. This was a good idea, as I actually felt pretty decent coming off the bike. Took it easy for the last 30 seconds, and slipped out of my shoes with 5 seconds left, hopping off quickly once the buzzer went. Got my running shoes on quickly, pulled on a shirt (sort of), grabbed my watch, and hit the road for the run.

Bike Total: 11.11 “miles”, 2/282.

Run: What to say? Felt awful for the first mile, the switch from pool deck to real air hit me badly, and I was coughing crap from my lungs for the first mile or so. Most of the people in my wave didn’t have clipless pedals, so they all beat me out of transition; caught up to the person furthest forward on the run at about the .75 mile marker, which was bad for me… with nobody else to shoot for, my mind wandered, and I probably let up a little. By the end of my Green Lake lap, I was still very cooked, though. Could have used a little more HTFU, but how often can one completely drain the tank?

Transitioning a little too quickly...

Still a mess...

Run Total: 2.98 miles, including transition from bike to run: 20:07, 5/282.

Summary: To calculate overall placement, race organizers translated the distances to “standard” sprint distances of 750 meters and 20k biking; my swim distance of 1150 thus became a swim time of 10:43, and my biking distance of 11.11 became a bike time of 33:45. Added to my run time, my OA Finish was: 1:04:41, 2/282.

Very excited about this… first ever podium at an event, and I know that I have tremendous upside, particularly on the run leg. I guess its a good thing that my A events are 4 and 5 months away respectively!


~ by cdviking on March 24, 2011.

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