Lesson #5: Rebuilding confidence, and getting through rough patches.

I was in a bit of a rough spot last week; after a solid two months of ever-improving workouts, consistency, and things going so well, optimism eternal. A couple of weeks ago, rookie pro Andrew Haberkorn had a post discussing how bringing a positive mental attitude when workouts seem to be going badly can turn things around, and help you bring it. Last Wednesday saw me facing the exact opposite situation: I started off feeling stoked, and just cracked at the very beginning of the hard work.

My Wednesday swim workout is typically one of the hardest workouts of the week, and MVA had a little something planned for me: 4(5×100 on 1:15, 150 EZ). I have a hard time doing interval sets unless I get at least 2 seconds of rest, so this was going to be tough. After warmup I felt stoked, and I completed the first go through without issue. During the EZ, though, I started freaking out about whether I would be able to finish, and decided then and there, for some reason, that I flat out couldn’t swim any more. It was sudden, and scarily so. I left the pool, and had no idea what to do.

After some hyperventilation and contemplation, I chilled, grabbed one of my many aged imperial stouts, kicked back, and realized that there’s more to life than sport. Its something I identify myself with, but for 99% of endurance athletes, myself included, this IS A HOBBY. It’s one I can dedicate myself to, but a hobby nonetheless.

This sudden gleam of perspective was relaxing, and things have gone smoothly since. I nailed the hardest bike workout I’ve ever done yesterday, and today’s swim workout (15×100 on :10 rest, best effort) saw a ~2 second/100 yard improvement (at least) since the last time I did it (consistently hit 1:11s/1:12s). Lesson learned? Chill the heck out and you’ll see that in all likelihood, if you’re doing the work, things are generally going to trend upwards.



~ by cdviking on March 16, 2011.

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