Bike Fit Dreams Crushed…

A little background (very little) into how I came about purchasing my super-stud Cervelo P2SL, my triathlon steed: it was available for a cheap price that I could afford, had local pickup, and at 61 cm, was as big frame-size wise as any other bike on the market. I got sized on it at Speedy Reedy, and paid a grand total of $0 for that sizing. I rode it as such for the entire tri season, and until a couple of months ago, mainly because I was freaked out by aspect of wrenching with my bike.

After taking a little picture of myself I saw that I was WAY too high, and there were about 3-4 inches of spacers on the handlebar stem. I tried adjusting as best as I could, then took the following video and pictures.

Armed with this video and these images, I took the bold step of posting them on Slowtwitch, that bastion of aerodynamically minded souls, home of pros and joes who seem to know more than the pros, and some of the original developers of what is known as the time trial bike. Needless to say, after asking for brutalization of my position, I was pelted with feedback.

After getting past the color of my socks and the beyond-cluttered nature of the garage in which my trainer lies, I was told that my bike is straight-up too small for me. Explaining that I had one of the largest stock frames on the market, and asking what I should do, a notable triathlon coach suggested I play tight end for the Dallas Cowboys.

The jokes aside, I learned that I’ve done a generally good job of making due with what I have.  There a couple of things I can still work on, highlighted by the colors below:

The baby blue highlights the easiest change I can make: getting a shorter handlebar stem, so that my arms move in, creating a 90 degree angle, allowing me to rest my bodyweight better on the front of the bike, getting better handling, and compacting myself better.

The pink highlights how awfully high my seat post is, because the frame is too small for me. I can switch out my crankset from a 175mm to a 170mm or even 167.5mm, which would give me a shorter pedal stroke, and allow me to lower my seat and fit better on the frame.

So while I put myself out there, and certainly experienced some ribbing, actually photoing and videotaping myself and giving myself to the wolves has been an educational experience. Now to lower those spacers some more, and get lower too!


~ by cdviking on March 8, 2011.

One Response to “Bike Fit Dreams Crushed…”

  1. looks like your on the right path on your fit. I have been where your are, paid for 3 fits until I got a good one…

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