Swim time trials…






As per prescription, this week involved testing my swim fitness to see where I’m at. Tuesday, I had a 100 and a 500. Today, 200 and 1,000. In addition to seeing the general effect of interval-based training, the goal of the swims has been to determine training zones for the next while. I like intervals, but YUCK these hurt.

100: :59 (:59 pace): This was the swim I was most satisfied with. I know the idea of pace for a 100 is amusing, but I nailed it, and died right at the very last stroke.

500: 6:02 (1:12.4 pace): Did this one after a 200 easy swim following the 100, and 3-4 minutes rest on the pool deck. Went out fast (1:09), and was holding alright, until my legs started tightening. Still satisfied, though I really wanted to break 6:00.

200: 2:11 (1:05.5 pace): Most surprising. Figured I’d land somewhere between 2:10 and 2:15, though I was feeling pessimistic about where in that range I would fall. Might have been able to pull through a little harder at the end, but very satisfied.

1000: 12:45 (1:16.5 pace): Happy, considering how I was able to pull through at the end. Legs were getting very tight, and same with shoulders. Finished with a 1:25ish 100, was dead out of gas.

All in all, very satisfied! Peaked over the summer with a 5:52 500, and 12:43 1000, but considering how much volume I was swimming then, how much time I took off from swimming, and the shorter intervals I’ve been thrashing, I’m thrilled. My 100 and 200 speed far exceeds what I could do over the summer.

If nothing else, motivation to push even harder!


~ by cdviking on February 6, 2011.

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