Fall Racing…

As part of my “running build” (I use the term lightly, as I’m not married to the notion of doing it, I’m doing another ton of races, which is exciting. Here is my tentative schedule for the rest of the fall:

10/30: Pumpkin Push 5k, Seward Park, Seattle, WA

11/7: Padden Mudfest Trail Run, Bellingham, WA

11/13: Carkeek 10k Trail Run, Carkeek Park, Seattle, WA

11/28: Seattle Half Marathon, Seattle, WA

12/12: Jingle Bell Run, Seattle, WA

12/19: 12ks of Christmas, Kirkland, WA

Of course, if my history of going getting to races is any indication, I’ll make the first two (which I’ve registered for) and about half of the others. Did a 10-miler, aerobically of course, and held 7:40 while feeling like I was floating; maybe 1:28:00 at the Seattle Half won’t be that hard of an accomplishment…

That’s all for now!


~ by cdviking on October 26, 2010.

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