Constitutional Law Nerd

So it hit me on Sunday, right about the time that I finished reading my 234098th case about milk regulations and “flow control” ordinances pertaining to trash collectors, the burden they cause to interstate commerce, and the invocation and debate about the proper exercise of the dormant commerce clause, that I am in fact a tremendous nerd when it comes to Constitutional law. I didn’t feel the same urge to gouge my eyes out that so many of my classmates expressed, and got through the reading in a single 4.5 hour marathon, without a hitch.

Pretty much everything that I’ve studied so far in the 14 months since I’ve entered school has been as definitionally boring as the word boring would allow… obscure 18th century Contract doctrine, the rule against perpetuities in property, and the constant hammering of the elements of a tort negligence claim (duty, violation, harm)… its no wonder I got depressed last fall and winter.

But Con law is fascinating. Even when it comes to the aforementioned milk and trash cases, the decisions lend make you believe that the world as we know it would end if the case went the other way, and the dissents make you believe that the downward spiral has started with the implementation of the majority’s decision as law.

Go figure, of course, that the only class I’ve truly come to appreciate is the one in which there is no non-academic career path. Ain’t life a bitch?


~ by cdviking on October 25, 2010.

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