A New Approach To A Mileage Build

So fall has struck, and my first triathlon season has come to an end. Without putting terrible pressure on myself, I’ve experienced the sport, and look forward to improving myself building up to next year. My cycling certainly has upside, and once I become one with my newly purchased Kurt Kinetic, I’ll probably write a post on it as well. In the meantime though, I’ve got a plan for a run build-up that should be fun and sustainably healthy, even for a consistently injured person such as myself.

I spent the months of October 2009 through May 2010 largely focused on running, and despite missing around two full months of training during that period due to a non-training ankle sprain (I have glass ankles) and various overuse injuries, I set serious PRs in every distance. I’m now salivating at the thought of what I can accomplish by being more careful.

My biggest problem with training and motivation has always been the short term: I need something to focus on in the short term, and not just the esoteric notion of next year’s undeveloped schedule. I love to race, and big gaps in between races aren’t great for me. My biggest problem with training and consistency is injury and the beating my body takes: I’m a bigger guy, at 6’7”, and constant tempo and intervals ruin me.

To reconcile these personal realities, I’m going to give something a shot: no speedwork at all in the first half of the build-up to my running “peak” in January, where my A event will be a half marathon. I’ll be doing the Seattle Half-Marathon as a B race at the end of November, and until that B event, there will be no training runs faster than aerobic base pace; all of my quality work will be in the form of a battery of shorter distance races leading up to that event. I’ve got 3 races on the docket so far, starting with a 5k tomorrow.

Hopefully, with this approach, I’ll be able to build my mileage and aerobic base, while having fun racing; the goal is to set myself up for next year, not peak for a race in the fall, and beat myself so much in the process that I burn out or injure myself in the aftermath.



~ by cdviking on October 10, 2010.

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