Lake Sammamish Sprint Race Report (Lesson #4: Retroactive RRs suck)

On August 28th, I participated in the Lake Sammamish triathlon, along with my father, who was participating in his first multisport event, and competition of any kind. I’ve never done the race before, but knew that it would be a fair bit larger than any of the other events in which I’ve competed. Hopefully some good competition would be coming out!

Got up at around 5:00, after a pitiful attempt at sleep, and ate a cup and a half of oatmeal, and some egg whites. Headed to the house where my dearest father was packing the car up with our stuff, and we headed out to Issaquah to set up. Set-up was straightforward, and we figured out our swim wave times. Not being in the first wave was going to be something different for me, and would end up being a pain, but it was also very helpful on the run, which I’ll explain later. I was scheduled to be in the third wave, six minutes back of the first wave, which my dad was a part of.

Bodyglided up, got my wetsuit on, and headed to the water for a quick warmup, all with the hope of not hyperventilating like I did the previous week at the Lake Meridian Olympic. Was able to warm up just fine, and was ready to go.

SWIM (400m): Well, there’s absolutely no way the swim was 400m, which was alright, I guess. Blows my mind how many people do an event like this, though, and don’t bother to prepare for swimming in the least. I broke free of the rest of the pack, and I think I was leading heading into the first buoy, and then somebody grabbed my leg, and another guy (not the one who grabbed me) broke free. I was content to just put in a good effort, as shortly thereafter (maybe 3min into the swim) we ran into the wave in front of us. Really? I’m going twice as fast (if not faster?)? Oh well. Hopped out of the water with a guy I had sized up in my AG (who was on the same rack as me), and we headed to transition. All-in-all, probably lost about 20-30 seconds because of my inability to keep swimming around people; need to practice more!

SWIM TOTAL: 5:03, 28/548, 3/11 AG (though there are at least 5-6 times that are a little bit sketchy that are faster than me)

T1: Wetsuit got stuck on my feet, and I realized I had put my timing chip OVER the foot… D’oh! All the while, the AG guy I had marched into T1 with was getting further away. I probably lost 30-40 seconds on him in T1; it’ll get better!

T1 Total: 1:47

BIKE: I had been putting a lot of miles on the bike, and was eagerly anticipating this race, to compare to my Lake Samish sprint stint from a few weeks prior, and the Lake Meridian Olympic seven days before. It got off to an auspicious start, as there is essentially a no-passing zone for the first two miles, and I was stuck going 21 on flats, but once it straightened out, I was able to start cruising. I passed probably 100 people over the course of the bike, and wasn’t passed once. Besides a gear-changing hitch on the single hill of the course, I couldn’t have performed better. Right after the turnaround, I passed the AG guy I had been tracking since the start of the race, and figuring we were duking it out for top prize, put myself in the hurt cave to pass him. Looking at my splits, I averaged something like a 23.7 for the second half of the bike, and felt absolutely awesome coming into T2.

BIKE TOTAL: 38:18 (22.7mph), 11/548 OA, 2/11 AG

T2: Kind of sucked it up a little bit here. Got my shoes on fine, but then started fiddling around with my Garmin (which I couldn’t pop on to my wrist), and I couldn’t close my racing belt for whatever reason. My AG competitor came into transition about 20-30 seconds behind me, and left at least 5 seconds ahead of me. D’oh.

Total: ??? (BuDu screwed up the timing)

RUN: Pretty straightforward run through some sweet fields. Caught my AG competitor right away, and started pushing hard. Again, I passed a TON of people in prior waves, without getting passed myself. Kept myself around 6:00-6:10 miles for the first two and a half miles, but eventually I passed the last person within a minute of me, and with a half mile to go, completely lost motivation to kill myself. Crossed the line with it reading 1:12:XX, and knew I had scored myself a pretty sweet time.

RUN TOTAL: ??? (Read 20:56, but that included my T2 time; final time was probably in the 19:30 range, for a legit 5k, which I’m thrilled with).

TOTAL: 1:06:03, 10/548 OA, 2/11 AG. Was looking forward to winning the AG once more, but the guy who won the AG (Ethan Lyons) also won the OA. He only beat me by 6 minutes. That is, by more than 10% of his finishing time. Ouch. Still, totally satisfied, had an absolute blast as this race. Set the stage for Kirkland, which I’ll have some info on soon!


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