Weekly Long Runs with Roosa and Paul

I’ve been a little apathetic when it comes to training since I’ve come here to Anchorage. The last two weeks, thankfully, have been a bit of a turnaround. I’ve never learned to fully embrace the “long, SLOW, distance” run, but after two of them, I’m starting to understand why people enjoy them so much.

First of all, its so much better to do the long run in a group… chatting about everything from TV’s Chuck to Alaskan engineering firms makes the time go by faster.

Secondly, while my legs definitely suffered after cracking the 100 minute mark, unlike previous long runs I’ve done, I can move today, the day after.

Third, in my case in particular, I’m getting a guided tour of the best parts of Anchorage. Running for miles along the gentle up and downs of the Coastal Trail flat out fun, even if the weather is a little breezy and the sewage plant a little stinky.

Of course, the skeptic would say I enjoy the runs solely because of the well-known pizza, beer and burritos of the Bear’s Tooth theatre restaurant immediately after, and I can’t fully deny that with a straight face.

The important thing is, I’ve gotten two 100+ minute runs down in the last two weeks, and should finally be cracking 40 again this week, to go along with 18000 in the pool. Triathlon season here I come!


~ by cdviking on July 3, 2010.

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