Ultra Preliminary Late Summer Race Schedule

A list of races I’m planning on doing. Probably will end up doing fewer than this, but I’m really intent on getting as much racing done as possible:

8/7 and 8/8: Lake Samish Sprint Triathlon and Open Water Competition, Bellingham, WA: My first ever triathlon, it will be. Doing this one with my dad; should be fun as I’m very familiar with Lake Samish, and have spent some good time rowing there while in undergrad. There is an open water swim competition the next day, which I may or may not do, depending on how my swim focus goes.

8/13: Friday Night Swim Races, Kent, WA: A cheapish way to get more open water swimming experience. They offer Iron and Half-Iron distance; leaning towards half-iron, but again, we’ll see how the swim focus goes.

8/22: Apple Capital Olympic Triathlon, Wenatchee, WA: Looks like a fun race in Wenatchee. First Olympic distance race that I will do; excited about it for sure. I have a goal of breaking 2:20, but we will see what kind of shape I’m in. Goal could substantially raise or drop, depending on where I’m at fitness-wise.

9/1: Islander Aquathlon, Mercer Island, WA: Long-course is 1000m swim (2 laps) and 8k run. Should be a lot of fun! Am going to do this one for sure if my class schedule allows it.

9/11: Lake Stevens Triathlon, Lake Stevens, WA: Olympic-style; slightly longer swim (1 mile), slightly shorter bike (24.1), and 10k. Should be great!

9/18: REI Bellingham Traverse, Bellingham, WA: Really fun multi-sport relay, will probably be doing the road run, will be looking on improving on last year.

9/25: Black Diamond Half-Iron or Olympic Distance, Enumclaw, WA: Going to aim for the Half-Iron distance, but it depends on my bike fitness. This will be the capstone for my first multisport season!

Very excited to some serious, serious racing! Might do a couple running races in the fall, but otherwise, this will be by far the most distance I’ve raced!


~ by cdviking on June 15, 2010.

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