Anchorage rumination and the Mayor’s Half-Marathon

So I’m running the Anchorage Mayor’s half-marathon on Saturday, and despite not running much over the last week and a half (because of tight calves and a crazy daily schedule that involves seven hours of work, two hours of school, two hours of reading and two hours of bus waiting and walking to and fro. And lord knows that with the World Cup going on, I’ve got to pay some attention to that as well!

I’m running the Anchorage Midnight Sun Mayor’s Half-Marathon on Saturday, and feel prepared. Despite a paltry total of 35 miles since I arrived on Saturday the 5th, it’s probably for the best; my body has not rested like this in a while, and a major taper can actually do me some good. I’ve gotten some quality lap swim time, not too tough of course, anyways.

As far as time goals go for the event, 1:28 is what I’m shooting for. The course is easier than Mercer Island (based on the profile), and I probably went too conservatively there. I weigh ~5 lbs. less, and have had two and a half months of solid run training since then, the most successful single run training period I’ve had. I’ll be alright with anything under 1:30 though, as that’s been a goal for quite awhile.

Let’s hope it comes as easily as I am confident!


~ by cdviking on June 15, 2010.

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